22 Benefits of Using Solar Panels

22 Benefits of Using Solar Panels

Mostly advertised as a favourable alternative source of energy, the solar panel is being used in a variety of ways.  This includes providing power to communication satellites in outer space. Whilst some people have probably heard about solar panels, the majority are not well-informed about it. How does one really work, and what are the benefits of solar panels?

Solar panels, which are also known as “photovoltaics”, take in sunlight as a source of energy to produce electricity. The sun, a natural nuclear reactor, sets out little parcels of energy called “photons”.  Solar panels transform them into electricity which you can use to activate electrical devices for your work or business.

It started in 1839, when French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel uncovered the photovoltaic effect which describes how sunlight can be transformed into electricity. Despite all of Becquerel’s efforts with research and development following the discovery, solar cells were only used for measuring light then. This was because of photovoltaic continual inefficiency.

A century later in 1941, American Engineer Russell Shoemaker Ohl took the initiative to create the solar cell, patenting the said technology for the first time in history. This is the same technology behind the solar panels that people use today.

What’s in it for you?

Solar energy is a great option to replace fossil fuel as the prime energy source of the world. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are created from the decomposing remains of plants and animals. When fossil fuels are burned to create energy, they release carbon dioxide which contributes to the greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer. In a nutshell, using fossil fuels contribute to global warming.

As global pollution is getting worse, any effort that can lessen carbon emission can definitely be good for the environment.  The use of solar panels is one of such effort.

One of the benefits of solar energy is that it helps prevent greenhouse gas effusions and that it lessens our reliance on fossil fuels. Aside from minimising pollution, there are plenty of benefits you can get from acquiring a solar panel for your home. Here are 22 benefits:

  1. Solar panels save you dollars from utility bills. Solar power is renewable and free, providing infinite energy for your home. The process of harnessing its power is also pollution-free, which is one of the benefits of renewable energy. However, it is important to note that the electricity produced from solar power mostly depends on the size of your solar panel system. If you have a large one installed in your home, you will most likely generate a significant amount of energy which will then cover most of your electric consumption.

With solar panels, you don’t have to worry about your monthly utility bills anymore.

  1. Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Apart from giving you free and clean energy, solar panels also require very little maintenance as they just sit under the sun. A solar panel usually lasts for 25 years or more (just imagine how much you can save for 25 years). It is important that you purchase the solar panel brand that represents high quality.

To maintain solar panels, you only need to occasionally clear the accumulated debris and dirt over time.

  1. You can earn from spare energy. Did you know that you could also earn from using solar panels? You heard that right.

If your solar panel system is able to generate a large amount of electricity in excess of what you need, it goes to the local utility grid (if your system is connected to the grid). With that, they may credit you for the energy you have produced. To earn from solar panels, you must be an eligible participant of the government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

  1. Solar panel is a reliable source of energy. The sun always sets, of course. However, this does not make it an unreliable source of power, as you can always store solar energy for later use. With the help of solar batteries, you can power up your home at night and it can also be extremely helpful during power outages and storms.

Solar energy never runs out. As sunrise is constant, you can always count on another day for power acquisition.

  1. Solar panels add value to your home. Installed solar panels on your home attract potential buyers, if you are selling your property. This is because installed panels are regarded as upgrades. In addition, it also adds value because of the benefits it brings. Who does not want a house with a solar panel system, if you know that it can help you save money from utility bills and earn cash from an excess production of electricity?
  2. Solar power has continuous developments. Starting from the first day the solar panel was created, improvements in this technology have never stopped. This only means that developments over time can make solar panels more useful and efficient than they are today.
  3. Solar panels can be used anywhere. Where there is sunlight, there is solar power. Thus, solar panels can be used almost anywhere—from backyards, gardens, rooftops, or open fields to outer space.

Even if you are out camping in the wild, you can also bring a foldable solar panel to charge your gadgets or lighten up your tent at night.

  1. Solar power brings free energy for all. The sun has been around long before humans have, bringing light and life to Earth. In fact, the first use of the sun’s capacity can be traced back in the 7th Century BC, when our ancestors figured out how to use a magnifying glass or crystals to start a fire.

As the sun cannot be manipulated, this makes it free for all who have the means to harness its power. This also makes the sun a secure source of energy which is available for everyone’s use.  By tapping solar energy, you will be less vulnerable to drastic price hikes of gas and other petroleum products.

  1. The use of solar panels brings job opportunities. There are more than 11.5 million solar panels installed nationally. This means there are a plethora of jobs people can get from their production and maintenance.

It is predicted that by this year, more than 13 million individual solar panels would be produced. With this number, there will be roughly 10,000 people employed directly for the installation and sale of rooftop solar panels in Australia. This circulates money in the economy and helps power up the lives of people employed in this specific technology.

  1. Solar panels’ performance is guaranteed. Solar panels are built for reliability and durability, which is why they last for years with little maintenance.
  2. Solar panels are a form of investment. Acquiring a solar panel system for your home does not look like an investment at first glance. However, if you are going to see how it will benefit you in the long run, you will definitely know why it is a form of investment. Take about saving from utility bills and adding market value to your house as examples.
  3. Solar panels are safe to use. Having a solar panel system is safer than purely obtaining your electricity from the traditional wires and poles. This is because poles and other means of transporting electricity can be affected by alternating weather conditions.
  4. Solar power can be used to produce potable water. Some parts of the world are suffering from lack of clean, potable water. With the use of specialised solar hydro panels, potable water can be produced.

This technology combines the use of sun’s power and water vapour to capture drinking water.

  1. Solar power can be used to prepare food. The sun’s energy can dry, pasteurise and cook your meal. It is also free and clean, compared to the use of fossil fuel or firewood.
  2. Solar panels can be used for outer space discoveries. Aside from solar panels being installed in communication satellites, the energy harnessed from these panels are also used to power spacecraft. This could lead to outer space discoveries one day.
  3. Solar panels can be used to power up calculators. Solar power has long been a source of energy for handheld calculators. With a solar powered calculator, you do not have to worry about changing batteries anymore.
  4. Solar power can be used to move cars. In the era of fuel-powered technology, solar powered cars are a breath of fresh air. It helps reduce pollution and carbon emission from fuel-powered cars. These cars do not produce as much noise, too.

Aside from calculators and cars, there are other items that solar energy can power up. They are mostly things you use every day such as air-conditioners, lamps, radios, refrigerators, buses, watches, fans, and inverters.  The list goes on.

  1. Solar panels can power up your home 24/7. With the use of battery backup, solar energy can power up your home for up to 24 hours. However, this still depends on your household’s energy consumption and on the battery’s energy capacity.
  2. Temporary need for power. Solar energy can be used for outdoor events such as ball games, garden wedding, and beach parties which do not have access to power lines.
  3. Using solar energy can help decrease diseases. The use of solar power is pollution-free and this is a well-known fact. In addition, each kilowatt-hour of solar energy produced decreases the emission of greenhouse gasses. These emissions can cause complex health issues.

Apart from saving the environment, you are also contributing to saving more lives by using solar panels.

  1. Solar energy saves water. Water is a source of life and we cannot survive without it. By using solar panels, you are helping conserve water for future generations.

The usual process of electricity production uses staggering litres of water. On the other hand, solar panels do not require much water because it simply relies on the sun’s energy for powering up homes.

  1. Solar panels reduce energy imports. If more and more Australians would switch to solar panels, this can reduce energy imports in the future. Less imports would support the balance of payments and strengthen the local currency.

Invest in solar panels today

If you are planning to obtain solar panels for your home, you are on the right track. From the countless benefits you can get from solar panels, this is a long-term investment that you will most likely find rewarding.  The returns could simply outweigh the amount that you put in.

There are plenty of ways to go about acquiring solar panels for your home. Two kinds of solar panels are easier to use: rooftop and folding solar panels. Both are easy to install and maintain as well. In any case, before getting your hands on one, it is important to know which best suits you.

flexible solar panel

If you are considering installing rooftop solar panels, you have to make sure your roof can support it. If your roof is in the shadow of trees and other establishments, this might not work for you. However, you do not have to surrender the thought of getting solar panels altogether because there are a variety of ways to use it.

If rooftop solar panels are not fit for you, you can try folding solar panels. They are easy to install and you can place them in areas of your home such as your garden and windows. They can be placed anywhere in your house where there is direct sunlight.

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